Scrum Master – Teksystems

Top Three Skills: 1. Certified Scrum Master. 3+ years as Scrum Master
2. Ability to lead a Scrum team, leadership not “management”.
3. Built up a team to get them performing at a higher level using approaches. Doesn’t want someone who just knows the concepts but has successfully put it into practices doing the events, daily tasks and sprints with team.
Job Description: Responsible for ensuring the team reaches consensus for projects during a specific period of time, helps the team to stay focused, follows the agreed-upon rules for daily scrums, removes obstacles that impede the team’s progress and protects the team from outside distractions. Helps to ensure the team follows the agreed processes in the Scrum framework.
Additional Information: Essential Functions
1. Delivers solutions to enrich our resident’s lives and help those who serve them
2. Supports the product owner in the development and managing of the product backlog
3. Assists with prioritization and resolution
4. Provides guidance to the product owner on story mapping, story writing and the defining of releases with a continual focus of maximizing business value
5. Coaches a team on the use of agile practices and Scrum framework enabling them to maximize progress and potential
6. Is a servant leader to the team
7. Facilitates Scrum events as needed and facilitate discussions to resolve conflict
8. Ensures team information is visible and maintained
9. Supports coaching the organization in its agile adoption
10. Works with others to increase the effectiveness of the application of Agile in the organization
11. Plans and executes the transition of a team into utilizing Agile methods
12. Coaches teams utilizing Agile scaling frameworks in support of dependency management
13. Performs other duties as assigned




  • Jobs sumary
  • Location: Nashville, TN, United States
  • Career Level: Senior (5+ years of experience)
  • Education: Bachelor's Degree
  • Job type: Full Time