A Dash of Flexibility, a Pinch of Compromise, and a Sprinkle of Reality:

A Dash of Flexibility, a Pinch of Compromise, and a Sprinkle of Reality:  A Recipe for Meeting Project Requirements and Keeping Project Teams Satisfied

Jay Houston and Holly Gerald

This session will provide insight into the process of meeting requirements with rigidity while also remaining flexible enough to satisfy stakeholder expectations. The recipe includes a dash of flexibility, a pinch of compromise, and a sprinkle of reality. Fold in a good working relationship and useful templates and see your well-baked plan take shape. The presentation will show how to mix in PMI methodology with day-to-day events. Presenters will address some common obstacles to project success and will leave the audience with recipes to address each scenario.

Solutions will be presented to address issues that commonly arise regarding scope creep. Project managers also at times are conduits for identifying, creating, documenting, and archiving project collateral; the session will share proven best practices for cataloging resource documents. Session presenters will also review tactics for managing multiple project programs and share how to identify different meeting types, set the duration, and select the most appropriate attendees.

Session objectives:  Participants will learn how to apply PMI methodologies to real-world project obstacles while using flexibility, compromise, development of good working relationships, and practical application of project templates.


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