Delivering Innovative Solutions – It’s Not Just About Being Creative

When Project Managers and Business Analysts are busy putting out fires and analyzing business requirements, Innovation can fall by the wayside.  Understanding how Innovation happens, and how to save time for it, paves the way for innovation on the part of the individual.  Learn how to avoid mental bias, see the familiar in new ways, and seek the essence- the three secrets to creativity. And although innovation does involve creativity, that is not the only step. Innovation involves acting on the creative ideas to make some specific and tangible difference in the domain in which the innovation occurs.

This session will give the knowledge and motivation necessary to generate, formalize and implement innovative ideas that provide real benefit to your customers. Don’t be an ‘order taker’, be a Value Add Partner with the Business. The presentation will explore ‘How does Innovation differ from Creativity, and what techniques and approaches you can  employ to ensure the maximum potential for innovative solutions.’

Richard Branton is the Founder & Vice-President of Advanced Strategies, Inc., a PMI and IIBA Education Provider. He is an executive coach, facilitator, methodologist and trainer with more than 30 years of experience in enterprise transformation, including strategic planning, business reengineering, change management, project and portfolio management and governance.  Richard has presented at numerous workshops internationally, and is respected as a lead architect and innovator on enterprise transformation initiatives for Fortune 500 and large government organizations.


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