Having the Guts to Act On Your Lessons Learned – Stephanie Dedmon PMP

The presentation “Having the Guts to Act on Your Lessons Learned” will outline how leadership within the State decided to take action to improve the IT project success rates based on key lessons learned.   Shortly after the new administration took office in 2011, Governor Haslam formed several Customer Focused Government (CFG) teams to help identify challenges and develop solutions in strategic areas across state government.  A CFG Workgroup focused on IT set about identifying the key IT issues our agencies were facing with a charge to develop implementable and meaningful solutions.  The presentation topics will cover the process used to identify the issues, how the solutions were developed and will dive specifically into how the Business Solutions Delivery division was created to address lessons learned from past mega projects within the State.  These lessons learned include some of those commonly encountered in both private and public sector entities:  importance of solid sponsorship, focusing on the impact of change, the need for project management discipline and several others.  This presentation will benefit any level of project manager who strives to make a positive impact on the organization he or she serves.

Stephanie Dedmon is the Director of the Business Solutions Delivery (BSD) division with the State of Tennessee.  BSD was created with experienced resources to lead complex IT projects and improve outcomes.  Stephanie joined the State in 2005 to lead the statewide PeopleSoft implementation managing a team of 115 full-time state employees and at peak, 150 vendor staff.

Previously, Stephanie was an Associate Partner with Accenture serving as project director on complex public sector implementations.


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