New Project Management Paradigms – Iterative and Agile Management – Rodger Oren

The presentation will discuss how our organization succeeded with an iterative approach while using project metrics which were used to plan, control and monitor an effort with time-sensitive milestones. The approach was used with a vendor who was able to deliver a software product on-time and on-budget with the quality expected by the business units and the IT group. We’ll discuss what metrics worked and the skills the project manager needs to utilize those metrics to succeed.

We will then shift to how we are using Scrum within our group and how this is working out for us. We’ll discuss the hard and soft aspects of how to make a highly people-centric approach work where people have to wear many hats, some which were not really ready to make the change. The details will demonstrate where we are in the journey and what is left to accomplish.

You’ll learn what you need to make either approach work for you and your team in the organization you are at.

Rodger Oren has managed diverse teams in multi-million dollar efforts creating mission-critical applications, for domestic and international settings during his professional career. He currently works in the role of Director of Application Development for the Bureau of TennCare, the provider of Medicaid services for 1.2 million citizens in the State of Tennessee, in support of the systems and efforts with State and Federal entities, Providers, and Trading Partners. He is heading up the Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) Center of Excellence (COE) which will handle SOA governance for the organization. He also functioned at the Bureau as the Interim Information Systems Security Officer overseeing the physical, administrative and technical aspects of information security.

He has functioned as a Program Manager with a Fortune 100 organization, and assists non-profit organizations in various activities, such as Strategic Planning and HIPAA compliance. He is a certified project management professional (PMP), a contributor to the rewrite of the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), and a volunteer on the Organizational Project Management Maturity Model (OPM3) committee.

Rodger has worked in academia full-time, teaching Technology Management and Information Technology materials, and consulting with a boutique firm specializing in process improvement and Sarbanes-Oxley compliancy. He has published research and presented at academic conferences on Project Management topics, text mining and consumer sentiment, and the open-source statistical language R.


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