Program Management + Stage Gate + Lean Thinking = Success! – Ashley Stroude-LoVerde PMP, LSSMBB

Effective Program Management with a stage gate methodology and Lean thinking are the perfect ingredients for highly successful execution of strategic programs.  By building cross-functional teams, Program Management creates an open communication platform across the entire value stream – from those with the ideas to those who are supporting our clients.  Add a stage gate process and you now have the business operating as a whole doing the “right work at the right time” – accelerating speed-to-market, reducing re-work, and having more efficient and effective allocation of resources.  From an executive perspective, stage gate ensures alignment of priorities across the organization and functional areas, eliminates surprises, and ensures we are working on the right stuff among the alternatives.  Lean Thinking allows you to filter a mass amount of information into the critical pieces that tell the story of a program and allow the executives to make decisions.   The tool we use to communicate in the Stage Gates is an A3 which is steeped in Lean thinking.  It is a collaborative tool, a communication tool, a decision making tool.  The powerful combination of Program Management, stage gate process, and Lean thinking is proven to be successful in execution of any strategy.

Ashley Stroud-LoVerde is both a certified PMP and Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt.  She spent six years working in a PMO implementing PMI standards of excellence in addition to strategy deployment, stage gate processes, Lean Six Sigma training, and A3 Thinking.  Ashley moved to the Nashville area last fall and is thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to build and lead a Strategic Programs Office focused on executing on the key strategies of the business.


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