Quick Start Guide to Strategic Project Management – Joanne Eckton

What is the # thing companies are looking for in a project manager?  Results!  They want someone who can lead a project from conception through implementation successfully.  All too often, however, we are faced with ambiguous requirements, unclear objectives, and unrealistic timelines.  At then end, you find the project might have been delivered on time and within budget, but it doesn’t really achieve the organizational results it was intended to.

With Strategic Program Management, discover how you can bridge the gap between strategic objectives and project execution so that your team can deliver meaningful, tangible results.

  • – Learn the right questions to ask to get the team laser focused on the right objectives.
  • – Engage with your business partners and sponsors to build a framework that allows project decisions to be made quickly.
  • – Establish a framework for making sure projects are not only on track, but also on the right track.
  • Build a partnership between IT and the business that works effectively across organizational boundaries.

This session will provide you with actionable steps you can implement on your projects immediately and begin the shift towards Strategic Program Management.

Joanne Eckton is a Business Performance Architect, helping business owners design their business so that the work flows smoothly throughout the organization.  She is currently working with Asurion, managing the portfolio for one of their largest clients. She has spent over 24 years in companies such as Verizon and IBM, where she led large, complex international projects.  She is a professional speaker, author, and founder of Nashville Success Summit.


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