What Does It Mean to Be A Change Agent –Sammy Woods

The volume, scope and frequency of change in organizations continues to climb as technology developments and process improvements offer efficiencies and cost savings, and market demands and business environment shifts pressure groups to adapt.  The increase in changes can lead to a saturation, or ‘change fatigue’ that hinders the success of project implementations and organization transformations.
“What Does it Mean to be a Change Agent” is a look at how successful organizational transformation requires a defined approach, implemented through individual change agent capabilities. Utilizing examples from government, corporate, not for profit and small business settings, Sammye will illustrate how the best project plans, the clearest data, the most extensive training, the well-timed communications strategy, and the most involved executive support cannot produce sustained transformation without the presence and engagement of capable individual change agents. Delving deeper, this presentation will step through essential change agent capabilities  necessary for fulfilling this role, and highlight change agent tools for supporting phases of change management. The session will also highlight the greater potential for project success when change management tools are integrated into project and implementation plans.

As an ‘organizational optimizer’, Sammye Woods has practiced in a variety of business and government settings.  She is continually learning new skills to add to her Change Agent toolkit. Her previous roles include Producer at Little Planet Learning, Inc.; Executive Director of the Transportation Licensing Commission, Nashville; and senior staff leadership roles at the Central Intelligence Agency. Sammye has a Bachelor’s degree in Middle Eastern Affairs and a Master’s degree in Mediation and Conflict Resolution, with additional studies in Public Administration.


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